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Murrumgunerrimin ~ Jimmy Tarpot

Murrumgunerrimin or known locally as Jimmy Tarpot, grew up on Benayeo Station, was educated at the Station school and  is a legend in our community.


Jimmy trained with Tom Hamilton's Indigenous Cricket Team in the 1860's and enthralled the MCG Boxing Day crowd in 1866 with his display of running backwards - 100 yards in 14 seconds, a record that still stands today.

Although Tarpot played with the Aboriginal cricketers and was selected in The First Eleven, an Aboriginal team to tour England in 1868, he did not go.  The newspapers of the day stated that, 'The recently married Jimmy Tarpot is reported to have left the ship prior to its departure due to ill health and returned home.' The press report went on to say 'The team were robbed of a great draw-card on the tour.'

IMG_3676 - Copy (2).jpg

WT Hoare's team. Jimmy Tarpot second from left front row

Rosemary Nolan Photo

Photo source unknown

Jimmy and his wife Jenny lived for many years in Apsley and he was a renowned wool-classer at WT Hoare's Wool Store.

William Hoare was the local merchant and money lender, the 'go to man.' He bought the local farmers' wool clips, had them classed and packed for transportation to Portland and Melbourne. He served as a Kowree Shire councillor for thirty one years, serving as Shire president for seven terms.

Jimmy Tarpot was highly regarded and respected within the community, as well as working at Hoare's wool store he classed wool for several station owners on their properties. Many a tale has been told regarding his ability to spot an inferior fleece amongst the fine fleeces.

A monument to Murrumgunerrimin (Jimmy Tarpot) is in the Apsley Cemetery.

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