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West Wimmera



Nestled in a hollow among stately redgums, sheoaks and native bushland,

Apsley's modest beginning was the building of

two slab huts on a corner of Newlands Station in 1848.

One was the Store which was officially granted a Post Office in March 1849.

The other was an Inn called The Pub with the name changed to the Border Inn in 1850.

The little settlement was known as Lake Wallace with the official name change to Apsley gazetted in 1854.


Our community are proud custodians of our beautiful natural environment, the stately red gums dotted throughout the wetlands,

the abundance of bird life who frequent the native vegetation and lakes

and the variety of wildflowers that can be seen at the Newlands Nature Reserve in the spring.


Apsley is the last town on the Wimmera Highway before you cross into South Australia just 10.5km to the west.


One of Apsley's entrance roads
  • Call into the Apsley Post Office for all Postal Services and a beautiful selection of Gifts and Treats

  • The Border Inn is open from Wednesday to Sunday. Lunch and Dinner Friday, Saturday & Sunday

  • Travellers are very welcome to stay in the FREE Camp Ground behind the Hotel

  • The Apsley Corner Shop is open six days a week for Dine-in meals, Coffees, Takeaways, Grocery items, Icecreams and More. Visitor Information is available here

  • Stylish Accommodation is available at Yallamatta B & B nearby

  • The Park in the centre of town has Public Toilets, Children's Playground and Free BBQ 

  • While in the park read the story of the First Apsley Cup in 1855

  • Federation Corner was erected in 2001 to Celebrate the Federation of Australia. It is the starting point for you to meander through 258 hectares of natural unspoilt bushland, the 5km all weather walking track takes you into the amazing stands of stringy barks, banksias and rare orchids of the reserve. Surrounded by beautiful red gums, wetlands, flora and fauna, all still found in their natural environments

Apsley's Flowering Gum_edited.jpg

Rex Millard photo

The beautiful flowering gum (eucalyptus ficifolia) has watched the passing traffic for around eighty five years. It was a spectacular sight in the autumn when in full bloom. Many trees were planted about 1936 in preparation for the Back to Apsley 1937's celebrations, they were watered and tendered by the then Apsley State School children.

This last remaining tree has been showing signs of decline during the last few years until this year,2021, with the falling of more branches, the community has a decision to make as to its future.

Information from Max Taylor Remembers, a collection of stories he related to Barry & Maureen Reader, May 1999. copyright.

Website maintained by Apsley and Districts Action Group.

Un-credited photographs are from their collection.

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