According to the Apsley cemetery records, Joseph Botterill was the first burial at Apsley in 1868.


Since then around four hundred and sixty people: men, women and children have taken their final drive north through an avenue of gum trees honouring their life in the Apsley town and district.


The road leads past the old church waterhole and past the sports grounds, where, during life these people had laughed, loved and played.


We at Apsley can be rightly proud of our clean cemetery and complete records. This together with relatively low fees (death can be expensive) is attributed to a small band of trustees. The trustees follow the lead set by the late ER (Reg) Craig who for many years accepted responsibility for the cemetery.


Today the town and district residents are showing renewed interest in our wonderful history represented at the cemetery; maintenance and improvement is assured in the hearts and minds of our present and younger generations.

Chris Simpson


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